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Ek bachpan ka zamana tha jisme khusiyon ka khazana tha, Chahat chand ko pane ki thi par dil titli ka deewana tha. Khabar na thi kuch subah ki na sham ka thikana tha, thak kar ana school se par khelne bhi jana tha. Maa ki kahani thi pariyo ka fasana tha,  Barish me kagaz ki […]

I have secrets in my pleats,

I have secrets in my pleats,Wonders in my drapes,I have stories in the rich, deep, velvety soot that I applied below my eyes when try to smile They seep out through the wrinkles beneath my skin Their voices whispering from the dimples From the folds of my chin They are chubby and large, enveloping As […]

For the nightmare i have

This isFor the billionth timeI’m trying to reach youAndFailing miserably The nights that follow With your memories in one hand And knife in other Have always ended up bringing Red mornings I have never dreamt of For the nightmares I have Are better than the mornings I wake up to My therapist says That two […]

Watching Moon

On some nights, I stay up for too longThinking for too long about the moonNot its silver glow, or the way it lights up the skyBut its cratersWondering if its craters would be big enough to hide my fearsii. On some evenings, I think about the seaNot the way it crashes against the rocksOr kisses […]


I was flicking through my first journal yesterday. The pages are a place to put all your darkness. The trick is leaving the shadows on the page, and not carrying them with you into your days. Here is an extract: I am useless and undesirable by everyone. I am an anomaly the world doesn’t want. […]

Pain finds a home in me

These days pain finds a home in me(more often than usual)I no more bother Nor do I close the doorI keep it openAs always And pain enters inside as peacefullyAs the rain enters into my home through the windows.It takes just pause of a heart beat for meTo recognize it’s homecoming (once again).You see,Pain is […]

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Hello, friend! If you are here, then it’s clear that something has piqued your interest. It’s either the words, the style, the images, or simply, the blog appearance. Whatever be the reason, a very warm welcome.
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